Best of 2016 Series: Love and Friendship

Happy Twelfth Night!

Our first episode of 2017 is the first in a sporadic series:  my favorite movies of 2016.  Instead of just reading a top ten list, throughout the year I will dedicate certain podcasts to examining in-depth my favorite (and, therefore, the very best) movies of 2016.

This week, theTimMan and I focus on Love and Friendship.  Written and directed by Whit Stillman based on an unfinished Jane Austen work, it is a funny, intelligent, and enlightening film about – spoiler alert – love and friendship.

Male listeners/readers: do not despair! This is the rare romantic comedy/historical period piece that you might actually enjoy watching with your significant other!  Listen to find out why.  Discussion is spoiler free until about the last five minutes.  Give it a shot as a well-rounded guy – you’ll be better for it!


As always, intro and outro music is Wastecnology by Jahzzar Betterwithmusic, CC BY-SA. Photo in Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons.