My name’s Steve, and I took the liberty of dubbing myself the Catholic Movie Guy.  Why, you may ask?  Because I have some sort of training or expertise in the realm of film?  Oh my, no.  Just because I am a Catholic, a guy, and I love movies (plus, it sounded catchy).

I may blog from time to time, but this site is mainly designed to be a landing place for my podcast, cleverly titled the Catholic Movie Guy Podcast.  Not Catholic movie reviews, but a Catholic reviewing movies.

I know there are several sites with movie reviews from a Catholic perspective (many of which you can find linked on the Good Sites page), but I could find no regularly-updated podcast from a similar perspective.

The podcast will also answer fascinating questions like, “Who is the TheTimMan?”; “Did his wife like the movie?”; “Why does the movie Metropolitan figure so prominently?;” and “How many technical fouls are allowed before one is ejected from a  podcast?”

So here we go.  Stay tuned for regular podcasts, hopefully at least once a week.