Best of 2016: La La Land

The dreaded musical.

The bane of man’s existence.  The fly in the ointment of the cinematic universe.  I HATE MUSICALS.  Without exception.

Until, of course, La La Land.  Damien Chazelle’s 2016 neo-musical (is that a thing?) starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling has garnered a record-tying 14 Oscar nominations and become a hip thing to hate almost simultaneously. Is it over-, under-, or properly-rated?

To help me evaluate the film, given my dearth of musical knowledge, I am joined by the Catholic Movie Gal.  We discuss why this movie, despite its being a musical, is one of my favorite films of 2016.


As always, intro and outro music is Wastecnology by Jahzzar Betterwithmusic, CC BY-SA.  Photo by Jelson26 (Own work) [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons.