Catholic Movie Guy Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction; On the Waterfront

Well, here it is – the inaugural Catholic Movie Guy Podcast, Episode 1.  In this episode, I introduce myself and the podcast and get into an in-depth discussion with TheTimMan about On the Waterfront, the great 1954 Academy Award winning film starring the even-greater Marlon Brando.  A wonderful film about conscience, Catholicism, sacrifice, unions, prizefighters, and pigeons (presaging Mike Tyson by 30 years).  What more can you ask for from a film?

Along the way you will learn many interesting things about the movie and your humble podcaster.  Why is the TheTimMan obsessed with Metropolitan, and will I let him get away with it?  Who would win in a fight, Mike Ditka or Marlon Brando?  How did the Catholic Movie Guy get Jiminy Glick, Jack Buck, and Brando on the podcast (from beyond the grave, even)?  Did his wife like the movie?  How many technical fouls lead to a podcast ejection?  Why are these two unqualified losers doing a podcast anyway?  There’s even a discussion of what the film has to say about a priest’s duties in light of Vatican II.

I hope you learn a new perspective on the film, or at least laugh a little bit (either with or at us).  If you enjoy the show, please give it a five-star review on iTunes – it makes a big difference.

In the show we make reference Roger Ebert’s review of the film, and I encourage you to read it for its own sake.

The show’s intro and outro music is Wastecnology by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA.

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