Catholic Movie Guy Podcast Episode 3 – The Shining

I wouldn't open that one...
I wouldn’t open that one…

CMG Episode 3!

For our Halloween episode of the Catholic Movie Guy Podcast, we tackle the classic horror film The Shining, by master director Stanley Kubrick.  Content cautious types beware:  one of my favorite priests is not a fan; nor is the USCCB.  But the discerning viewer willing to take the plunge should be rewarded.  The film contains incredible directing, luscious cinematography, and iconic performances.  TheTimMan and I discuss just what exactly happened in the movie, on and beneath the surface.  Was Danny possessed?  Is the shining a gift or a curse?  Was the hotel the problem, or was it the father?  Is Shelley Duvall attractive?  We also discuss a couple crazier theories of the subliminal meanings of the movie.  Finally, there’s even a connection to Dante.

I owe a large debt on this one to the Catholic Cinephile, whose review prompted me to revisit the film.

For more on the interesting (and/or crazy) theories on the hidden meanings of the movie, check out the documentary Room 237 (available right now on Netflix – same content warnings apply).

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As always, the show’s intro and outro music is Wastecnology by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA.

Image above By Carlos Pacheco from Toronto, Canada (Redrum door – The Shining) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.