Best of 2016 Series: Love and Friendship

Happy Twelfth Night!

Our first episode of 2017 is the first in a sporadic series:  my favorite movies of 2016.  Instead of just reading a top ten list, throughout the year I will dedicate certain podcasts to examining in-depth my favorite (and, therefore, the very best) movies of 2016.

This week, theTimMan and I focus on Love and Friendship.  Written and directed by Whit Stillman based on an unfinished Jane Austen work, it is a funny, intelligent, and enlightening film about – spoiler alert – love and friendship.

Male listeners/readers: do not despair! This is the rare romantic comedy/historical period piece that you might actually enjoy watching with your significant other!  Listen to find out why.  Discussion is spoiler free until about the last five minutes.  Give it a shot as a well-rounded guy – you’ll be better for it!


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Episode 11 – The Other Christmas (?) Movies Podcast

Episode 11 is here!

We all know the 12 days of Christmas START, not end, on Christmas Day. Still, sometimes by Christmas day you’ve seen all the Christmas classics and, quite frankly, are sick of them. We discussed our favorite classic Christmas movies on Episode 8, which you should check out if you haven’t already.

For those who have worn out all the classic movies already, for this lighthearted post-Christmas-day-but-still-Christmas-season episode (affectionately titled, “Christmas Detritus”), theTimMan and I stay in the Christmas spirit by discussing some lesser-known Christmas or Christmas-ish movies. Expand your Christmas-ish movie horizons, or at least laugh with (at) us, won’t you?


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Catholic Movie Guy on Iowa Catholic Radio

For those who can’t get enough Catholic Movie Guy audio, I was interviewed by Iowa Catholic Radio’s the Uncommon Good program in the recent past.  That interview is airing today, December 28th, at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m on Iowa Catholic Radio.  Those outside of Iowa can listen online here.

If you miss it live, don’t fret: you can download the Uncommon Good Podcast shortly after airing via iTunes or Android. Check out the show’s website for more information.

We discussed why I started the podcast and the reasons for having a podcast on popular culture from a Catholic’s perspective.  Hope you enjoy.

Podcast Episode 10 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Episode 10 has arrived, just in time for Festivus (not to mention Christmas) listening.

On this episode, I am joined by special guest Bo Bonner, Director of Campus Ministry and Assistant Professor at Mercy College of Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA.  Bo is a smart guy, movie buff, and medium-level Star Wars nerd. 

Fear not if you haven’t seen it: we discuss the film and its place in the Star Wars universe spoiler-free for the large majority of the podcast.  Toward the last third or so, after a clear warning, we head into spoiler territory. 

We discuss the moral implications of the film, the religious aspects of the force in the movie, the excellent action sequences, and why it’s a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon.

Merry Christmas to all!


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Podcast Episode 9 – A Man for All Seasons

Episode 9, feeling fine.

On this week’s podcast, we tackle an all time classic, A Man for All Seasons.  Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Academy Award winner never fails to impress.  Poignant and resonant, it is a movie that, despite or perhaps because of its release date and subject matter, feels just as relevant today as ever.

We discuss the movie in light of recent events in the pontificate of Pope Francis in addition to the purely historical aspects of St. Thomas’ predicament.  We also meet Bourbon TimMan and find out my wife’s thoughts on the film.



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Podcast Episode 8 – Best Christmas Movies

‘Tis the season to watch the movies!

Even though it’s still over two weeks away, we are here to prepare you for Christmas.  On this hard-hitting, extra-long, bonanza blowout episode of the podcast, we canvass our favorite Christmas movies.  TheTimMan and I propose four of our own picks and finally agree on the best Christmas movie of all time.  What makes a film a “Christmas movie” anyway?  Is It’s a Wonderful Life theologically problematic, or am I just jaded and cynical?  Are your favorite Christmas movies just the movies you watched as an adolescent?  What’s the best version of the Christmas Carol?  What does my wife think about all this?

Lots of banter and good viewing/listening suggestions for the season.  Enjoy!


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Episode 7 – What’s on Netflix – Burn After Reading

Episode 7 – a slice of heaven (decidedly not)!

On this one, TheTimMan and I have no idea what to focus on, so we decide to discuss what’s on Netflix.  Fortunately, since we have genetic similarities, we discover that we both recently watched Burn After Reading.  A 2008 Coen Brothers’ film (notice a theme on this podcast?), it is a bawdy (article on bawdiness from a Catholic perspective, referenced on the podcast, at Crisis Magazine) but well-done riff on spy flicks and human vainglory.  Content not for everyone (see Kids In Mind  description and Steven Greydanus review at Decent Films).

But even if you don’t feel comfortable watching it, won’t you download and even listen to our bourbon-fueled meanderings?

Next week we tackle the best Christmas movies, whether the Brewmaster General likes it or not.


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Catholic Movie Guy Episode 6 – Arrival; Walking Movies

Get your fix with Episode 6!

On the Thanksgiving week edition of the Catholic Movie Guy Podcast, we have a melange.  First, I give a brief, spoiler-free review of the new movie Arrival, a sci-fi mind-bender with a great performance by Amy Adams.  Then TheTimMan comes by to discuss two “walking” movies:  The Way, starring Martin Sheen, and A Walk in the Woods, starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.

We address all the important questions on this one.  Can a linguist save the world?  Why won’t the Brewmaster General come on the podcast?  Could Nick Nolte really hike the Appalachian Trail with the Hippy Shakes?  What is the proper ash distribution to make along the Camino de Santiago?  Did my wife like any of these movies?  Brilliant, all the way around.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Catholic Movie Guy Episode 5 – Inside Llewyn Davis

Number 5 is alive!

In this episode, TheTimMan and I take the stage to discuss Inside Llewyn Davis.  The 2013 Coen brothers’ film is superficially about the folk music scene in Greenwich Village in 1961, but really about the struggle between following our own desires or the paths laid before our feet.  Critically acclaimed, with a wonderful performance by Oscar Isaac (pictured above).  Lots of grist for the Catholic mill, too.

Could the Coen brothers have made a genuinely pro-life movie, or are we riffing too much?  Is the cat Llewyn (it is)?  Did my wife like it?  We also touch on the Dante connection,  the genius of Bob Dylan, and various other enlightening themes in the movie.  TheTimMan even gave up his gallbladder to get this thing done, so enjoy!


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Catholic Movie Guy Podcast Episode 4 – Hacksaw Ridge and Top 5 War Films

Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge

Episode 4 – back for…war?  On the eve of the end of America’s long national nightmare, and possibly the dawn of World War III, this week’s podcast is topical.  I review the new Mel Gibson movie Hacksaw Ridge, the real story of medal of honor recipient Desmond Doss.  A movie that lionizes its subject and delivers just enough (but not too much) schmaltz, I found it to surpass my expectations bigly (big league?).  TheTimMan then joins me to discuss our 5 favorite war films of all time, and hilarity ensues.


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Catholic Movie Guy Podcast Episode 3 – The Shining

I wouldn't open that one...
I wouldn’t open that one…

CMG Episode 3!

For our Halloween episode of the Catholic Movie Guy Podcast, we tackle the classic horror film The Shining, by master director Stanley Kubrick.  Content cautious types beware:  one of my favorite priests is not a fan; nor is the USCCB.  But the discerning viewer willing to take the plunge should be rewarded.  The film contains incredible directing, luscious cinematography, and iconic performances.  TheTimMan and I discuss just what exactly happened in the movie, on and beneath the surface.  Was Danny possessed?  Is the shining a gift or a curse?  Was the hotel the problem, or was it the father?  Is Shelley Duvall attractive?  We also discuss a couple crazier theories of the subliminal meanings of the movie.  Finally, there’s even a connection to Dante.

I owe a large debt on this one to the Catholic Cinephile, whose review prompted me to revisit the film.

For more on the interesting (and/or crazy) theories on the hidden meanings of the movie, check out the documentary Room 237 (available right now on Netflix – same content warnings apply).

If you enjoy the show, please give it a five-star review on iTunes – it makes a big difference.  Happy Halloween!


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Catholic Movie Guy Podcast Episode 2 – No Country for Old Men

The masters
The masters

America wanted it, and now, it’s here: CMG Podcast Episode 2!  Even better than Attack of the Clones!

A discussion of the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men, their Oscar-winning magnum opus.  Moral content description available here.  One of my absolute favorites of all time, despite (or because of?) the difficult themes it presents.  I argue strongly against the nihilistic reading of the film by the great Steven Greydanus, the beloved St. Corbinian’s Bear, and countless others.

Plus (spoiler alert) where in the world did Chigurh go in that hotel room, or was he even there at all?    And, did my wife like the movie?

I discuss all this and more, bourbon in hand, with TheTimMan.

If you enjoy the show, please give it a five-star review on iTunes – it makes a big difference. Enjoy!


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Catholic Movie Guy Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction; On the Waterfront

Well, here it is – the inaugural Catholic Movie Guy Podcast, Episode 1.  In this episode, I introduce myself and the podcast and get into an in-depth discussion with TheTimMan about On the Waterfront, the great 1954 Academy Award winning film starring the even-greater Marlon Brando.  A wonderful film about conscience, Catholicism, sacrifice, unions, prizefighters, and pigeons (presaging Mike Tyson by 30 years).  What more can you ask for from a film?

Along the way you will learn many interesting things about the movie and your humble podcaster.  Why is the TheTimMan obsessed with Metropolitan, and will I let him get away with it?  Who would win in a fight, Mike Ditka or Marlon Brando?  How did the Catholic Movie Guy get Jiminy Glick, Jack Buck, and Brando on the podcast (from beyond the grave, even)?  Did his wife like the movie?  How many technical fouls lead to a podcast ejection?  Why are these two unqualified losers doing a podcast anyway?  There’s even a discussion of what the film has to say about a priest’s duties in light of Vatican II.

I hope you learn a new perspective on the film, or at least laugh a little bit (either with or at us).  If you enjoy the show, please give it a five-star review on iTunes – it makes a big difference.

In the show we make reference Roger Ebert’s review of the film, and I encourage you to read it for its own sake.

The show’s intro and outro music is Wastecnology by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA.

What’s this Catholic Movie Guy thing, anyway?

My name’s Steve, and I took the liberty of dubbing myself the Catholic Movie Guy.  Why, you may ask?  Because I have some sort of training or expertise in the realm of film?  Oh my, no.  Just because I am a Catholic, a guy, and I love movies (plus, it sounded catchy).  I may blog from time to time, but this site is mainly designed to be a landing place for my podcast, cleverly titled the Catholic Movie Guy Podcast.  I know there are several sites with movie reviews from a Catholic perspective (many of which you can find linked on the Good Sites page), but I could find no regularly-updated podcast from a similar perspective.  The podcast will also answer fascinating questions like, “Who is the TheTimMan?”; “Did his wife like the movie?”; “Why does the movie Metropolitan figure so prominently?;” and “How many technical fouls are allowed before one is ejected from a  podcast?”  So here we go.  Stay tuned for regular podcasts, hopefully at least once a week.